Private Pilot Missing Lessons Video

These videos are from our new online course Private Pilot: The Missing Lessons.


Weather: Scud Run with Smarts

“Managing Marginal Weather”

Scud running and VFR into IMC are leading causes of fatal accidents in General Aviation. However, you don’t want to cancel every trip that might have a weather issue. This video will help you better understand what kind of weather is manageable, and give you the tools to stay safe.

“Centralia (KCLS) to Darrington (1S2) – Briefing”

This 100 nm flight features interesting airspace, terrain, and weather that is forecast to be marginal VFR. We use a variety of techniques to plan a route that avoids weather and provides outs, if needed, along the way.

“Centralia (KCLS) to Darrington (1S2) — Flight”

On this trip, the weather deteriorated more than was forecast, requiring a new plan. We had set key decision points into our route which gave us the option to land short of our intended destination, then finish the last leg later in the day. See how things played out.

“Centralia (KCLS) to Darrington (1S2) — Debrief”

In this quick recap, Ryan reviews the lessons learned and key takeaways from this trip.