IFR Refresher

IFR Refresher Collection

Get IPC ready with these best-selling online courses:

  • Instrument Rating Accelerator
  • Real World IFR
  • IFR Proficiency Series

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Get Back To Proficient IFR Flying

Instrument Rating Accelerator

Follow a pilot through the entire instrument rating using a simulator—from the first training flight, all the way through a checkride.

More hands-on than a traditional IFR ground school; a unique and thorough refresher.

Earns 6 WINGS credits.

Real World IFR

Ride along with an experienced pilot through a series of challenging Instrument flights, showing the entire IFR system in action.

Core IFR skills demonstrated with detailed briefings and instructional in-flight videos.

Earns 6 WINGS credits.

IFR Proficiency Series

Our original IFR program—get the best tips from top flight instructors, with an emphasis on staying ahead and managing workload.

An older course, but loaded with golden advice from a team of award-winning instructors.

Earns 6 WINGS credits.

Get All Three Courses

Get the complete collection of IFR refresher courses and receive our biggest discount—50%.

  • IFR Accelerator
  • Real World IFR
  • IFR Proficiency Series

This is the ultimate training library to help you knock off the rust and return to proficient IFR flying.