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IFR Mastery is a series of online, scenario-based workshops. Each month, you get a challenging IFR scenario that increases your knowledge and hones decision-making skills.

  • Master the finer points of Instrument flying
  • Gain a better understanding of IFR procedures
  • Learn to recognize and avoid common traps
  • Commit to regular improvement

Try it today and you’ll get instant access to 106 thought-provoking scenarios to help you master instrument approaches, departures, ATC communications, weather, diversions, emergencies and more.

If you accept this offer, you’ll be billed $19/month starting in 30 days, and we will send you an email each month when we publish a new scenario.
Give it a try. Take some time to give yourself a fair evaluation, and you’ll see why thousands of pilots rely on IFR Mastery each month to stay sharp!

Regular Exercise For Your Pilot Brain

Each month, IFR Mastery subscribers get a new online scenario. Our instructors follow a proven, step-by-step process that will test your knowledge and help you learn in a fun and effective way.

Learn from a nationally recognized team of instructors including Hall of Fame, Master CFI, and National CFI of the Year winners.

Watch: Start by watching a short briefing video that puts you in the pilot’s seat, and details the scenario you’ll be evaluating.

Think: Each scenario briefing ends with several options. Here you will review weather forecasts, aircraft data, airport information, sectional charts and more to help you choose.

Choose: Choose your favorite option, then compare your choice with other pilots on our live poll.

Learn: After making your selection, watch the instructor’s video and learn which option they chose. They provide step-by-step instruction and offer a detailed explanation of their thought process. These segments are full of tips and techniques!

Listen: Our instructor roundtable discussion is where they discuss and debate each scenario. They don’t always agree…and that’s the fun part. It’s where a lot of learning happens.

Discuss: After going through the scenario, visit the members-only discussion forum where great tips, techniques and stories are shared. Valuable hangar flying with our instructors and other pilots.

Far more than reading another article or watching another YouTube video, IFR Mastery delivers a powerful way to keep your head in the game and gain valuable experience from the comfort of your computer.