Pilot Exercise Program—A Pilot-Friendly Manual clean

15 Fun Flying Exercises That Will Make You A Better Pilot

  • In-flight proficiency exercises for pilots of all levels

  • Step-by-step instructions showing exactly what to do

  • Detailed illustrations with full-color photos and graphics

  • Scoresheets for tracking results and progress

  • Safety Net: Ground rules for doing each exercise safely

  • Pump-ups: Increased difficulty for advanced training

  • Spiral-bound for convenient use in the cockpit

  • Bonus PDF version to view on your favorite mobile device

  • Bonus videos showing our instructor flying the exercises

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What Is The “Pilot Exercise Program”?

Everybody needs exercise. We need physical exercise. We need mental exercise. And, if we’re pilots, we need flying exercise. Yet despite knowing we need it, we don’t do enough of it.

The real enemy to exercise isn’t hassle, money, or time. The real enemy to exercise is … boredom. That’s why we decided to write this manual.

The manual includes flying exercises that help pilots identify and work on weak areas. They’re organized into five chapters: Hone Takeoffs and Landings, Master the Use of Rudder, Maintain Control at the Edges, Sharpen that Airmanship, and Thwart the Emergencies.

These exercises go way beyond slow flight and steep turns, which is how most pilots train. We integrated basic skills into new flying challenges requiring some forethought, divided attention, and precise stick-and-rudder control to create flying workouts that are fun, challenging and repeatable.

Then we added scoring so you can track your progress as you work to master each exercise.

You can do them in any order. To start, we suggest you pick one exercise each month and make a goal of flying it enough to improve your score. The real objective is to experience something new, and then use that experience to improve your overall flying skills.

There are exercises for all levels, so design a program targeted to your needs. Start with the easy ones and gradually increase the difficulty with more exercises and pump-ups. Over time, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident flying your airplane than ever before.

A Reason To Go Flying (With A Purpose)

Sometimes pilots run out of reasons to fly, or lose motivation to try something new. They fly less, rust begins to build, they may lose interest, and even stop flying. This manual gives pilots a reason to go flying. It reconnects them with the core skills they might not have practiced in years, and gives them motivation to work towards a higher level of proficiency.

To complete these exercises, you’ll bring a safety pilot or instructor with you (depending on the difficulty). They will watch for traffic, make sure you’re doing things properly (and safely), and record your scores. Practicing with a friend is more fun—you can share goals, offer each other encouragement, and even enjoy some friendly competition since each exercise in the program is scored.

Use this manual to connect with other pilots and go flying more often—with purpose. You can even use an exercise or two as a focus area for your next flight review.

These Exercises Will Challenge You To Improve

We’ll warn you now: Scoring high on these exercises isn’t a cakewalk. But as it was once famously said in aerospace, sometimes we do things because they’re hard. A real challenge is motivating, and that’s key to banishing boredom.

We also believe scores are important. They support a relentless pursuit of perfection—everyone wants that coveted high score—which is critical to motivation.

These exercises are purposefully designed to make you a better pilot, just like all the old standards. They’re just a more enjoyable way to get there.

Sample Exercise From The Manual

Do not attempt the exercise using these sample pages; additional information in the manual is required.

     SAMPLE:  Mission Impossible?     

Watch Our Instructor Fly Them

We gave the manual to Ryan Koch (one of our Instructors) and asked him to fly the exercises in the sim. We recorded the flights and captured multiple views along with Ryan’s commentary. These videos are included with the manual.


This Manual Helps Pilots Of All Levels

The Pilot Exercise Manual will help you improve your flying technique, regardless of experience. Whether you’re a new pilot looking to build on the basics, or an experienced pilot who hasn’t learned anything new in a long time, this exercise guide will help you improve.

New Pilot

  • Continue to refine and improve your flying technique
  • Stay sharp and commit to ongoing proficiency
  • Identify areas where more training would be beneficial

Experienced Pilot

  • Brush up on flying skills that may have gotten rusty
  • Stay sharp and commit to ongoing proficiency
  • Replace bad habits with good technique

Flight Instructor

  • Use proper technique—don’t teach bad habits
  • Fly exercises with your students to build their skills
  • Maintain personal standards that meet or exceed the ACS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big is the manual?
A. The manual is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, so it will fit in most flight bags or in the seat pocket of an airplane. We found this size worked well with our other Pilot-Friendly manuals…big enough to be easy-to-read, but small enough to store just about anywhere. It also has a clear plastic cover to protect it from weather and spills.

Q. Will my online access to the videos ever expire? 
A. No. Once you register your login credentials, they never expire. You will always have access to the program.

Q. Can I access the videos from more than one computer or device? 
A. Yes. With your login info, you can access the site from any device as often as you want.

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