Rod Machado’s “In-Flight Emergencies”

Rod Machado's "In-Flight Emergencies"

Shows you how to manage in-flight emergencies so you will no longer feel intimidated, anxious or uncomfortable during flight.

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Rod explains how his new program helps you fly with peace of mind.

Helps Reduce Your Anxiety When You Fly.


Fact is, most pilots will never face a serious emergency during their flying career. Still, the thought of facing an in-flight emergency can cause anxiety in pilots of all experience levels. If you know how to handle these rare events, you will no longer feel intimidated, anxious or uncomfortable during flight. The knowledge gained in this course will give you more confidence as a pilot.

Having a rock-solid understanding of emergency procedures will help you:
• Be prepared. Emergencies aren’t planned. Although they are unlikely to occur, you may suddenly be faced with a life-threatening situation. Panic will result from not having thought through these scenarios ahead of time.
• Take command. In the case of engine failure and other serious emergencies, you need to act quickly. You don’t have time to pull out a checklist and start reading. If you have a plan ready in your mind, your focus will be on executing the plan rather than the stress of the event.
• Improve. You will feel more connected to your airplane and confident you can handle anything that comes your way. It will help you identify and correct deficiencies in your flying technique.

New eLearning Format Makes It Fun

Rod’s Interactive eLearning courses offer a fun, new and exciting way to learn. Each course is narrated and accompanied by interesting videos, graphics, animations and educational interactions. Each section within a course is accompanied by questions to help test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts. Of course, if questions aren’t your thing, then simply skip them and continue with the course.

In addition, this course includes videos of Rod in his airplane demonstrating the maneuvers and procedures he uses to handle many of the in-flight emergencies covered in this course.

Here’s a short sample video from this program where Rod shares his criteria for choosing an off-field landing site…

Actual Emergency Videos Add Realism

In addition to Rod’s instructional videos, this program includes many video clips from actual emergencies. Rod uses pilot-submitted videos to fuel additional discussion and analysis, and support many of the techniques he teaches with real-life examples. These videos add a high degree of realism to the program, as compared with other emergency training programs that are based solely on theory or “by the book” answers.

Here’s a short emergency video from the course showing when the nose gear won’t extend…

From America's Favorite Flight Instructor

Rod Machado

Rod Machado has taught millions the basics of flying through flight lessons, simulation and training materials. Teaching and speaking to pilots in the 50 states and Europe since 1973, he simplifies the complex, makes bland topics interesting and educates with humor.

Flying since age 16, he is a rated ATP with all fixed wing Flight Instructor ratings, he was AOPA’s National Flight Instructor Spokesman and a columnist for AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines for many years.

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook and Instrument Pilot’s Handbook are used to train pilots in respected Universities, Flight Schools, FBOs and High Schools throughout the country.

Clear, Focused Videos Cover These Topics

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