Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Ground School

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Rod Machado's Private Pilot Ground School

The Ultimate Library of Aviation Knowledge,
Taught By A True Master.

  • Aerodynamics
  • Engines
  • Electrical Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Airport Operations
  • Radio Operations
  • Airspace
  • Aviation Maps
  • Radio Navigation
  • Weather Charts and Briefings
  • Flight Planning
  • Airplane Performance Charts
  • Weight and Balance
  • And much more…

A word from Rod on his new Ground School…

A Complete Library That's Easy To Navigate

The breadth and depth of this ground school is incredible, it provides everything needed to understand critical flying concepts at a deeper level, whether you’re a student pilot or an experienced pilot looking to brush up. It really is the ultimate Private Pilot knowledge library.

  • 15 complete online courses
  • 776 short video lessons
  • 210 quizzes
  • 1,800 quiz questions
  • 40+ hours of focused training

The ground school is organized into short lessons that tackle one topic at a time. This means you can log in and jump to a specific area that you need to brush up on at your convenience. Rod provides a simple-to-navigate menu structure so it’s easy to find exactly what you need. For a busy pilot, this is gold. It beats watching hours of video or searching through textbooks in search of an answer.

Rod makes regular updates to this Ground School, so you can be confident you’re reviewing the latest regulations, procedures and standards. Use it to keep your knowledge current and rust-free for years.

A Valuable Resource For All Pilots

Rod initially created the Private Pilot Ground School with the Student Pilot in mind. It covers the entire range of aviation topics that student pilots must learn during their training.

While this course is great for Student Pilots, it is equally helpful for a Rusty Pilot who is getting back in the air after a layoff, or a pilot preparing for a  Flight Review. It’s also a tremendous resource for Flight Instructors to see how Rod teaches complex topics with ease.

In typical Rod Machado fashion, he injects a healthy dose of fun into the explanations and makes dry topics interesting. Rod explains WHY and HOW things work, rather than the traditional ground school review aimed at passing a test. These lessons can help pilots fill gaps in their knowledge and refresh important knowledge they may not have exercised in a long time.

Who Will Benefit From This Ground School?

Student Pilots

  • Get the maximum value from your flight lessons
  • Prepare for the FAA written test and checkride
  • Learn from a legendary Flight Instructor

Experienced Pilots

  • Knock off the rust after a layoff from flying
  • Prepare for an upcoming Flight Review
  • Brush up on areas where you feel weak

Flight Instructors

  • Learn best practices and refresh your knowledge
  • See how Rod teaches complex topics and makes them easy
  • Gain a deeper understanding of core concepts and fundamentals

"Absolutely amazing training product by a true aviation legend. Very complete and entertaining. I highly recommend this product to not only student pilots but also any pilot at any level looking to brush up on the ever so important basics and more."

Matt Johnson, Designated Pilot Examiner

Watch This Sample Video

Rod explains some often misunderstood terms from RNAV (GPS) Navigation. [4:15]

eLearning Format Makes It Fun

Rod’s interactive eLearning courses are a great way to learn complex topics in a simple and engaging way. They offer laughs and lightness that will help you learn and retain without the usual drudgery.

The narrated course includes video, animation, graphics and interactive elements. Each of the course modules includes questions to help test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts. Of course, if questions aren’t your thing, then simply skip them.

This course runs on a laptop or desktop computer, iPad or Android tablet. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll have access to the entire library whenever and wherever you need it.

America's Favorite Flight Instructor

Rod Machado

CFII, ATP, Author and Aviation Speaker

Rod Machado has taught hundreds of pilots from the right seat since he started instructing full time in 1973. In fact, he has over 10,000 hours of  dual instruction given! He has also taught thousands of pilots as a classroom instructor, delivering aviation seminars throughout the US, Canada and Europe. This experience gives Rod a unique perspective on the best ways to teach material so his students understand and retain the concepts.

Rod was the AOPA’s National Flight Instructor Spokesman for 15 years and has authored over 400 aviation articles in publications like Flight Training and AOPA Pilot.  He co-wrote and co-anchored ABC’s Wide World of Flying for five years and was asked by Microsoft to design the lessons and be the CFI voice for MS Flight Simulator, reaching millions of students and pilots. Rod’s teaching style simplifies the complex, makes bland topics interesting and educates with humor.

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook and Instrument Pilot’s Handbook are used to train pilots in respected Universities, Flight Schools, FBOs and High Schools throughout the country.

"I have been flying a very long time and have used them all... King, Sportys, Gleim... I am speechless as to how comprehensive and clear the material in Rod's Private Course is.... ( I bought it for review ). Best money I have ever spent in Aviation or out. Cannot recommend strongly enough. And continually entertaining!"

Andy G.

Rod’s Private Pilot Ground School Includes 15 Complete eLearning Courses

"I am a student pilot who is not mechanically inclined, and Rod Machado’s Private Pilot online course is perfect for someone like me. It demystifies systems-related processes and is presented in easily digestible segments. Rod infuses humor into the material, making learning fun and enjoyable. His diagrams and graphics are easy to follow, and because this kind of learning is so visual, I retain the material better. I love the fact that Rod does not overwhelm you with technical detail, so you never lose sight of the big picture."

Sofia N.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access this course?

A. The course is available online via a secure, password-protected website. You can watch the videos on Windows PC, Mac, or iPad/Android tablet.

Q. Will my online access ever expire?

A. No. Once you register your login credentials, they will never expire. You will always have access to the program.

Q. Can I view the lessons on my iPad or mobile device?

A. Yes, the ground school is optimized for online viewing. You can watch the videos on any device with an internet connection, no downloading required.

Q. Can I access the course from more than one computer or device?

A. Yes—with your login info, you can access the site as often as you want.

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