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Real World VFR

Tips and Techniques for Improved VFR Flying

Ride along with a pilot and CFII on a series of challenging (and beautiful) flights. This video training will inspire you, and give you confidence to explore your own new flying adventures.

Gain valuable knowledge from every briefing, flight and debrief.

  • Find a small, remote island airport at night
  • Land at Boston Logan Airport (Class B) VFR in a Cessna 172
  • Fly the New York City Hudson River VFR Corridor, and then land at Teterboro, one of the busiest Class Delta airports in the world
  • Depart at night in the mountains, using an IFR technique to avoid them
  • Encounter VFR into IMC for real, at night
  • Manage system failures, simulated emergencies, and other surprises
  • Use the power of ForeFlight for VFR planning and in-flight situations
  • Navigate cross-country, using only pilotage and dead reckoning
  • Takeoff and land on short fields—some grass, some paved, some scary
  • Get sucked into a “black hole approach,” but escape to avoid disaster
  • Make an overwater crossing that is eerily similar to the JFK Jr. flight

And you’ll do it all hearing complete ATC communications, in all types of airspace and phases of flight.

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You can earn 6 WINGS credits for completing the Real World Coast to Coast video course: 2 basic, 2 advanced and 2 master. A simple online form for requesting credit is included on the website.

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