Real World Coast to Coast Flight for AOPA

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Planning A Long Flight?

Free course shares tips and tactics for cross-country flying.

“Real World” – Experience Is The Best Teacher

The goal of the “Real World Coast to Coast” course is to help pilots with the planning and execution of cross-country flights by sharing tips and techniques learned from this single-pilot trip across the USA.

Follow experienced pilot Keith Smith through a series of cross-country flights that are captured on HD video cameras. You’ll also watch him plan each flight with a detailed briefing, and then debrief after landing.

As you fly along, Keith talks you through each task and procedure as he completes it. You’ll hear all of his ATC interactions so you’ll know the proper phraseology to use on both IFR and VFR flights. There are no shortcuts! You follow the flights in near real time from engine start to engine shutdown.

Watch This Introduction

PilotWorkshops Founder Mark Robidoux and Pilot Keith Smith discuss the program.

Get Free, Instant Access to 35 Videos Including Briefings and Debriefs of Each Flight

Gain valuable knowledge from every briefing, flight and debrief.

Ride with Keith as he experiences the following:

  • A series of challenging IFR and VFR flights
  • Long-range, cross-country flight planning
  • ATC Communications – IFR and VFR
  • A variety of reroutes and diversions
  • High-altitude mountain crossings
  • Radio communication problems in IMC
  • IFR legs through complex NY and LA airspace
  • VFR over the Grand Canyon at dusk
  • A high-density-altitude landing and departure
  • Fun at LAX: STAR in, SID out (and a flat tire)
  • Turbulence from winds, mountains, and heavy rain
  • Various “special flight rules area” transitions
  • Fatigue, hunger, stress, and potential hypoxia
  • Breathtaking scenery across the USA
  • And much more!

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You can earn 6 WINGS credits for completing Real World Coast to Coast: 2 basic, 2 advanced and 2 master. A simple online form for requesting credit is included on the website.

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