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Now You Can Try VFR Mastery (for free) to Work on the Mental Part of Flying

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For the pilot who wants to remain sharp, VFR Mastery offers a series of online, scenario-based workshops. Each month, you get a challenging VFR scenario that increases your knowledge and overall preparedness.

  • Broaden your exposure to different flight situations
  • Gain a better understanding of VFR procedures
  • Learn to recognize and avoid common traps
  • Commit to regular improvement

Try it today and you’ll get instant access to a library of thought-provoking VFR Mastery scenarios.

Give it a fair evaluation, and you’ll see why committed pilots all over the world rely on VFR Mastery each month to stay sharp!

Regular Exercise For Your Pilot Brain

Each month, VFR Mastery subscribers get a new online scenario. Our instructors follow a proven, step-by-step process that will test your knowledge and help you learn in a fun and effective way.

  • Watch: Start by watching a short briefing video that puts you in the pilot’s seat, and details the scenario you’ll be evaluating.
  • Think: Each scenario briefing ends with several options. Here you will review weather forecasts, aircraft data, airport information, sectional charts and more to help you choose.
  • Choose: Choose your favorite option, then compare your choice with other pilots on our live poll.
  • Learn: After making your selection, watch the instructor’s video and learn which option they chose. They provide step-by-step instruction and offer a detailed explanation of their thought process. These segments are full of tips and techniques!
  • Listen: Our instructor roundtable discussion is where they discuss and debate each scenario. They don’t always agree…and that’s the fun part. It’s where a lot of learning happens.
  • Discuss: After going through the scenario, visit the members-only discussion forum where great tips, techniques and stories are shared. Valuable hangar flying with our instructors and other pilots.

Far more than reading another article or watching another YouTube video, VFR Mastery delivers a powerful way to keep your head in the game and gain valuable experience from the comfort of your computer.

Meet The VFR Mastery Instructors

Learn from top professionals who share their tips, techniques and strategies. Instructors include:

Paul Bertorelli

ATP/CFII, Aviation Writer, Editor

Read Bio: Paul Bertorelli

Sarah Fritts

Army Combat Aviator

Read Bio: Sarah Fritts

Michael Goulian

Aerobatic Champion & Red Bull Air Racer

Read Bio: Michael Goulian

Mike Hart

CFI, Professional backcountry pilot

Read Bio: Mike Hart

Dave Hirschman

ATP/CFII, Aviation Writer, Aerobatics Instructor

Read Bio: Dave Hirschman

Richard McSpadden

Former Executive Director of AOPA’s Air Safety Institute, USAF Thunderbird Leader

Read Bio: Richard McSpadden

Judy Phelps

National Flight Instructor of the Year 2011

Read Bio: Judy Phelps

Katie Pribyl

Former Leader of AOPA’s Aviation Strategy and Programs division

Read Bio: Katie Pribyl

Hobie Tomlinson

National Flight Instructor of the Year 2012

Read Bio: Hobie Tomlinson

Tom Turner

NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

Read Bio: Tom Turner

Bruce Williams

CFII, FAASTeam Rep, Aviation Author

Read Bio: Bruce Williams

VFR Mastery Free Trial

  • Your trial gets you free access to the entire VFR Mastery program and all scenarios for 30 days. Plenty of time to decide if you want to continue after the trial.
  • Starting month two, your subscription will automatically renew with new monthly scenarios until you cancel.
  • We’ll send a reminder email before you are charged for month two.
  • Cancel anytime online, by phone, or by email. No commitment required.
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Price after trial: $14/month