ATC Zero IFRM Demo

IFR Challenge: "ATC Zero" in IMC

Instrument pilots train for all sorts of failures: communication, navigation, instrumentation, and even propulsion. But what about a failure of the entire ATC system for your sector?

With COVID escalating, hearing “ATC Zero” is becoming a real possibility. What if this happens to you?

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You will be presented with 5 options at the end of the video and must decide the best course of action for this pilot.
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Vote for the option you’d take. When you submit it you will see what over 1,000 other pilots chose.

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Learn From Our Expert

Now hear what Flight Instructor, Air Traffic Controller, and Charter Pilot John Krug would do.

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Instructors Roundtable Audio

Listen to our team of experts share their ideas and techniques on handling this “ATC Zero” scenario.

  • John Krug: CFII, FAA ATC Instructor & QA Specialist
  • Bruce Williams: CFII, FAASTeam Rep, Aviation Author
  • Tom Haines: Editor in Chief at AOPA
  • Wally Moran: DPE, NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame
  • Doug Stewart: National CFI of the Year, DPE
  • Ryan Koch: CFII, PilotWorkshops Course Designer/Producer
  • Jeff Van West: Moderator, PilotWorkshops Creative Director
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