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See why thousands of pilots rely on this scenario training every month.

IFR Mastery

Our best-selling program since 2010, IFR Mastery is a series of online, scenario-based workshops. Each month, you get a challenging IFR scenario that increases your knowledge and hones decision-making skills.

  • Master the finer points of Instrument flying
  • Gain a better understanding of IFR procedures
  • Learn to recognize and avoid common traps
  • Commit to regular improvement

Try it today and you’ll get instant access to 107 thought-provoking scenarios to help you master instrument approaches, departures, ATC communications, weather, diversions, emergencies and more.

If you accept this offer, you’ll be billed $19/month starting in 30 days, and we will send you an email each month when we publish a new scenario.

Give it a try. Take some time to give yourself a fair evaluation, and you’ll see why thousands of pilots rely on IFR Mastery each month to stay sharp!