Rod Machado’s Best Pilot Proficiency Courses

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Rod Machado's Best Online Pilot Proficiency Courses (On Sale)

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• Handling In-Flight Emergencies
• The Art of Takeoffs & Landings
• Understanding Weather

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Improve With America's Favorite Instructor

Rod has seen it all in four and a half decades of instructing, and over the years has developed his signature style of teaching. He doesn’t just rehash the same old stuff, but has a special way of explaining things that you will only find in his programs.

He can simplify the most complex topic in a way that is refreshingly easy to understand, then share a funny story that will help you remember it. He explains why and how things work, so you’ll really understand them, rather than just restating the usual textbook answers.

Flying since age 16, Rod is a rated ATP with all fixed wing Flight Instructor ratings, he was AOPA’s National Flight Instructor Spokesman and a columnist for AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines for many years. He has given over 10,000 hours of instruction.

Why not learn from the best? For decades, Rod has been the country’s most popular flight instructor and for good reason. Now, he’s developed these new online courses and pilots love them!

Rod's eLearning Courses Are Fun

Rod’s interactive eLearning courses really are a fun way to learn.

They’re broken down into small sections with an interactive menu structure that makes it easy to follow. His unique use of video and graphics will keep you engaged throughout the course. They offer laughs and lightness that will help you learn complex topics in a non-threatening way, then retain these concepts and put them to good use.

Each section within a course is accompanied by questions to help test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts. Of course, if questions aren’t your thing, then simply skip them and continue with the course.

They run on a laptop or desktop computer, iPad or Android tablet. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll have access to the entire library whenever and wherever you need it.


Course Descriptions

"Handling In-Flight Emergencies"

Six hour interactive course with knowledge questions.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you could handle some of the more common and rare in-flight emergencies a pilot might experience, then this is the course that will train you to do so. Rod provides practical strategies for dealing with these emergencies and does so in a fun, interesting and highly educational way. Not only are these ideas presented with animation, you’ll also see actual, in-flight demonstrations of certain emergency procedures.

The following are some of the topics covered in this course.

  • Preventing loss of control in IMC
  • What to do when a door/window opens in flight
  • Autopilot problems and how to deal with them
  • Preventing structural failures
  • Handling runaway airspeed conditions
  • Dealing with aileron and rudder failure
  • Controlling pitch when the elevator fails
  • Handling split flap conditions
  • How constant speed props can fail and how to manage
  • Handling fires — on the ground and in the air
  • Managing electrical system problems
  • Handling carburetor and induction system icing
  • What to do when your engine quits
  • How to survive an off-field emergency landing
  • How to ditch an airplane
  • And much more…

Sample video from “Handling In-Flight Emergencies” course.

"I couldn't wait for Rod's Handling In-Flight Emergencies course to come out. As a Flight Instructor, it's critically important to me to explore the many scenarios of what could go wrong with my students. Sometimes scenarios are difficult to make up when they are not derived from real-life experiences. Rod's course allows me to explore the possible issues that could arise and talk with my students to evaluate the risk factors and what-if's. Highly recommended for all pilots."

Amy Smith

"The Art of Takeoffs and Landings"

Seven hour interactive course with knowledge questions.

Every flight starts with a takeoff and ends with a landing, yet many pilots lack the fundamentals to do them consistently because they weren’t properly taught, or they haven’t practiced enough to be proficient.

That’s where this course comes in. Some of the techniques Rod teaches are unique while others you may be familiar with, but Rod often puts a different spin on them or provides an example that suddenly makes things crystal clear. In some cases, Rod will validate a technique you are already using and that can be just as valuable.

Rod teaches his techniques in a series of learning modules that each provide useful lessons in short, focused segments.

  • Takeoffs and Climbs
  • Approaching to Land
  • The Roundout and Flare
  • Crosswinds and Slips
  • Short and Soft Fields
  • Wind Gusts and Turbulence
  • Advanced Landing Concepts
  • Pitch and Power Flying Concepts
  • And much more…

Good takeoffs and landings start with solid understanding and good technique — and that’s exactly what Rod delivers in this course.

Sample video from “The Art of Takeoffs and Landings” course.

"I just completed Rod's eCourse on Takeoffs and Landings. Concepts are very well explained by the graphics and words, and the course is very comprehensive. I never felt I was being drug through the course; each chapter was interesting and useful and I enjoyed them all. This course has given me more ground school time on the subject than I have ever had in my 1800 flight hours of experience. I wish I would have had this resource sooner. I recommend!"

Kent Vandenberg

"Understanding Weather"

Five hour interactive course with knowledge questions.

Weather theory can be dull and boring, and as a result remains a hole in many pilots’ knowledge. Rod’s interactive eLearning course offer laughs and lightness that will help you learn without the usual pain.

In this course, Rod distills an unmanageable volume of weather theory into a practical course that focuses on key concepts. He’ll help you understand the weather concepts you need to make better decisions on the ground and in the air.

You’ll learn how these weather phenomena impact flying (and what to do):

  • Atmospheric Circulation
  • Coriolis Force
  • The Dew Point
  • Cloud Formation
  • Lapse Rates
  • Temperature Inversions
  • Clouds and Stability
  • High/Low Pressure Areas
  • Sea/Land Breeze Circulation
  • Ridges and Troughs
  • Frontal Systems and Discontinuities
  • Warm/Cold/Stationary Fronts
  • Low Level Jet Stream
  • Squall Lines
  • Virga
  • Microbursts
  • Wind Shear
  • Mountain Waves
  • Ice Formation
  • Radiation/Avection Fog
  • Wave Cyclones
  • Cold and Warm Occlusions
  • Upper Level Weather
  • And much more…

Sample video from “Understanding Weather” course.

"The best option short of private ground school with Rod Machado. Understanding Weather isolates specific pieces of the weather puzzle in each module and fits them all together as you proceed, using Rod’s trademark humor and thorough teaching style. I completed the course before a cross country trip from MN to AZ in my 172. Frontal systems, lapse rates, atmospheric stability, wind shear, turbulence and mountain waves all came in very handy. Highly recommended whether you are an IFR or VFR Pilot."

Michael Kennedy

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