McNeilly – Navigation

Navigation and Advanced Avionics

For Windows and Mac

Learn to use traditional and advanced avionics
to their fullest potential. Get simple explanations
and pro tips for using all types of avionics:

– Traditional VOR navigation
– HSI and Bearing Pointers
– GPS Navigation and Technology
– Flight Management Systems (FMS)
– Covers VFR and IFR Procedures
– Common pitfalls and how to manage

Learn To Use All The Tools In Today's Cockpit

This is not a “buttonology” course on how to use your specific GPS or FMS. Instead, it is designed to strengthen your complete understanding of today’s advanced cockpit technologies so you can maximize their value.

You’ll learn how each component works, and how they integrate to provide you with unmatched situational awareness. In addition, this program will refresh and strengthen your knowledge of “old school” navigation techniques (VOR, dead reckoning) that are still vitally important, even with all the advancements in GPS technologies.

Having a solid, foundational understanding of advanced avionics will not only help you fly better, but will help you choose the avionics that are right for you when you are in the market for a new airplane or panel upgrade. There are many benefits to the knowledge presented in this program.

Includes These Highly Focused Tutorials:

Answers To Common Questions:

Q: I purchased the “Airborne Navigation” program from Aviation Tutorials in the past. Is this program an update of that product, or is it new?

A: This is a completely new product. It contains some “traditional” navigation lessons, but the real focus is on knowledge and procedures related to advanced avionics.

Q: Does this program provide specific training for my GPS unit?

A: No. It does not provide specific training for any one GPS or FMS unit. Instead, it provides an overview of how these systems work (with hands-on examples) so you can comfortably transition into using any specific equipment with a solid baseline of knowledge and understanding.

Q: Does this software run on an iPad?

A: No, it runs on Windows or Mac desktop computers or laptops.

Q: Can I install the software on both my desktop and laptop?

A: Yes, you can install it on your own computers. You cannot share or give it to others. You are buying a personal license.

Q: I’m an experienced pilot. Is this for me?

A: That depends on your level of experience with advanced avionics. If you are working on your instrument rating and want to be more familiar with advanced avionics, or even brush up on your VOR navigation skills, this program will help. Or, if you are stepping up to a technically advanced aircraft and would like to understand how everything works before doing your transition training, you will benefit from this program. You will also be better prepared when looking for your next airplane or even planning an avionics upgrade. If you haven’t flown for years, chances are things in the cockpit have changed considerably and you will learn a lot.

Q: What happens if my computer dies or I lose the download?

A: We make this easy. First, you can easily make a copy of the download files we give you and put them on a CD or USB drive for the future. That way, if the computer you are using is replaced, you can install the software onto your new PC.

Second, you can email us and ask us for a new download link any time. It happens all the time and we keep records of everything we sell to all our customers for that purpose.

Q: Can I get discs?

A: Most people prefer downloads since they provide instant access and help keep the cost down. Therefore, we only offer download versions of this program. However, feel free to copy the downloaded file onto a disc or USB flash drive for backup.

Q: How long do the lessons take to complete?

A: This training gets right to the point, focusing on the critical information that you’ll need in flight. Each lesson will take only 5-8 minutes, which you can complete at your convenience, on your schedule. You’ll find yourself coming back to review these lessons in order to stay sharp.

Q: Do I need any special equipment (yoke, throttle, etc.)?

A: The lessons are highly interactive, however you don’t need any special yoke hardware, and you don’t need special computer skills. Everything is easily controlled with your mouse. Ultimately, you’ll understand concepts better because of the interaction.

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