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Mastering Stick and Rudder Flying

20 Interactive Lessons That

– Improve Your Technique
– Flying The Traffic Pattern
– Making Stabilized Approaches
– Normal Takeoff/Landing
– Crosswind Takeoff/Landing
– Short Field Takeoff/Landing
– Go-Arounds/Rejected Landings
– Slow Flight and Stalls…and more!

Strengthen The Skills You Use On Every Flight!

Mastering Stick And Rudder Flying is designed to improve your stick and rudder skills and reduce your chances of having an accident.

Pilot-related causes consistently account for about 75% of non-commercial, fixed-wing accidents (AOPA Nall Report – 2010). A large majority of these accidents occur during takeoff and climb, maneuvering, descent and approach, and landing. Strong stick and rudder skills can help you fly with more precision in all phases of flight and eliminate these common mistakes that can lead to trouble.

Here’s what you will learn with this program.

Includes These 20 Focused Lessons:

6 Things You Should Know About This Program

1. The lessons get right to the point.

You’re busy—everyone’s busy. But, your life and the lives of your passengers depend on your stick and rudder skills. This training gets right to the point, by focusing on the critical information that you’ll need in flight, during actual situations. Each module will only take around 20 minutes, which you can complete at your convenience, on your schedule.

2. Technique-oriented.

One of the most effective ways pilots learn is to describe what NOT to do. It’s the other side of knowing what TO do. This training contains a lot of do’s… and don’ts. A great deal of positive guidance is provided while describing common problems to avoid.

3. Highly interactive and fun.

Want to see what happens to drag and stall speed when aircraft weight increases? Drag the slider. Want to see why banked wings are essential during a crosswind landing? Use the ailerons to bank into the wind to find out. You don’t need any special yoke hardware, and you don’t need special computer skills. Everything is easily controlled with your mouse. Ultimately, you’ll understand concepts better because of this interaction.

4. A reference tool you’ll come back to over and over.

This isn’t training that you’ll complete once and then forget about. It’s a great reference tool for future use. Being very robust, it’s ideal for all pilots, ranging from minimum flight time to highly experienced. As your flight experience expands, you’ll find yourself coming back to review and revisit what you’ve learned. You won’t find this training collecting dust.

5. Designed for YOUR experience level!

Whether you’ve got 50 or 5,000 hours, this training is designed to sharpen your stick and rudder skills. Even the 5,000-hour pilot might not have been trained thoroughly on these topics. One highly-experienced pilot recently completed the ground effect section and commented, “I never knew it worked that way!” The bottom line is that a chalkboard, a magazine article, or even a simple slideshow can’t convey these important subjects as easily, interactively, and intuitively as this training.

Free Bonus: “Getting Around on the Ground”

Retail price: $99 – Yours free if you order today

Taxi With Confidence…Even At The Busiest Airports!


Getting Around on the Ground is the only interactive training on runway incursion prevention, airport ground operations, and ground-navigation safety.

This program teaches the types of airport markings, signage, and lighting. It also goes beyond simple technical knowledge by outlining hazards, safety tips, and procedures that will help keep you aware, knowledgeable, and safe on the ground.

Getting Around On The Ground™ 3.0 With Airport Simulator™ provides:

  • Full sound narration to make learning easy
  • 3D graphics that show the airport environment from ground view
  • Skills for preventing runway incursions
  • Complete descriptions and visuals of airport markings, signs, and lighting
  • Methods of incorporating knowledge of markings, signs, and lighting in your flight operations
  • Ground procedures
  • Safety “Quick Tips” that you can use immediately
  • Case Studies of real-world runway incursion incidents and accidents
  • A final exam

Interactive Airport Simulator


Included with Getting Around on the Ground is Airport Simulator, a real-time, 3-D, virtual airport taxi simulator. Get the ATIS, exchange communications with Air Traffic Control, and follow taxi instructions including hold short and runway crossing tasks. The goal is to practice taxiing so as to NOT cause a runway incursion.

Two airports and forty challenging taxi scenarios are included. And, there’s no need for special hardware such as rudder pedals, because you control your aircraft with just a few keys on your keyboard.

Here’s what you will learn with Getting Around on the Ground.

Answers To Common Questions:

Q: Does this software run on an iPad?

A: No, it runs on Windows or Mac desktop computers or laptops only.

Q: Do I use a yoke or pedals?

A: No. This is not a flight simulator. You will use your mouse to work with the animations and understand the concepts.

Q: Can I install the software on my desktop and laptop?

A: Yes, you can install it on your own computers. You cannot share or give it to others. You are buying a personal license.

Q: I’m an experienced pilot. Is this for me?

A: That depends on how good your stick and rudder skills are. Sometimes we develop bad habits and repeat them for years. If you are confident handling the stick and rudder situations mentioned in the lesson descriptions above, then you don’t need the training. If you have some weak spots, it can probably help.

Q: What happens if my computer dies or I lose the download?

A: We make this easy. First, you can certainly make a copy of the download files we give you and put them on a CD or USB drive for the future. That way, if the computer you are using is replaced, you can install the software onto your new PC.
Second, you can email us and ask us for a new download link. It happens all the time and we keep records of everything we sell to all our customers for that purpose.

Q: Can I get discs?

A: No, we only have a download version available. However, you can feel free to copy the downloaded file onto a disc for backup.

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