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Get instant access to 156 complete scenarios covering all aspects of instrument flying—Approaches, Departures, Enroute, Planning, Weather, Workload, ATC Comms, Emergencies, and more.

Each IFR Mastery Scenario Includes:

Intro Video

Start by watching a short video that puts you in the pilot’s seat, and gives you the details for the scenario you’ll be working through.

Live Pilot Poll

Choose your favorite option, then see how your choice compares with thousands of other pilots.

Featured Response Video

A world-class instructor explains what they would do…and why. These segments are full of useful tips and techniques.

Instructors Roundtable

Listen to a panel of award-winning flight instructors discuss and debate the different options and issues. They don’t always agree…and that’s the best part.

Online Discussion Forum

After going through the scenario, visit the members-only discussion forum where there is always lively interaction between pilots and instructors.

Bonus IFR Quiz

Each scenario ends with a bonus quiz focused on topics relevant to the scenario…prepare to be challenged!


Receive 3 WINGS credits for every completed IFR Mastery scenario. We issue over 1,000 WINGS course completions every month.

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