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Available Mastery Programs

IFR Mastery

IFR Mastery is a fun and effective way to build IFR skills for the instrument pilot. This scenario-based training really gets you thinking with new scenarios every month. A great way to keep your head in the game.

VFR Mastery

VFR Mastery is a continuing series of online, scenario-based workshops. Each month, it provides a challenging new VFR scenario that tests your knowledge and hones your decision-making skills.

Available Products

Real World VFR

Real World VFR is a video program that puts you in the cockpit, looking over a pilot's shoulder as he completes a series of difficult and challenging VFR flights. It gives you a unique window into procedures, techniques, ATC interactions and decision-making you can't get any other way. Includes skill-building workshops for VFR flying.

Airmanship Series

The Airmanship Series elevates your flying to a professional standard. This “back-to-basics” program offers a refresher on core flying skills with a focus on precision flying and mindset. Covers techniques to fly smoother and more precisely in every phase of flight. Taught by our team of world-class instructors, each with decades of experience teaching pilots to fly better.
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Real World IFR

Follow a veteran pilot through a series of challenging IFR flights in some of the country's busiest airspace. He talks you through each task and procedure, and you will hear all ATC interactions. Preflight briefings accompany each flight and debriefs review key lessons learned. Includes a complete IFR Refresher Ground School.
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IFR Proficiency

The IFR Proficiency Series features professional pilots with backgrounds in the airlines, corporate and military flying. All are passionate about General Aviation flying and share best practices learned from decades of experience. Get useful techniques for instrument approaches and departures, flight planning, single pilot ops, ATC, emergencies, weather, and more.
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Flying Companion

This Pilot-Friendly, step-by-step, full color manual details 50 useful tasks a non-pilot can complete for you before, during and after a flight to reduce your workload and improve safety.
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Pilot Exercise Program

The Pilot Exercise Program includes flying exercises that help pilots identify and work on weak areas. It integrates basic skills into new flying challenges requiring some forethought, divided attention, and precise stick-and-rudder control to create flying workouts that are fun, challenging and repeatable.
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