AirVenture Resources


We had a great time at AirVenture last week and enjoyed meeting you! We gave away 5 simulators in the “Sim-a-Day Giveaway” drawings (See winners below) and answered many questions from pilots who are interested in the latest generation of desktop flight simulators.

I hope you find the information below useful. It addresses the questions we were most often asked in the tent and provides discounts on the flight simulators we were demonstrating.

Free Training Videos:

These videos answer the most common questions related to setting up and using a desktop flight simulator. Helpful for those considering buying or setting up a personal flight simulator.

Advanced Training Videos:

Once you decide to invest in a personal flight simulator, our “Getting Started with Flight Simulation” video series takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up your sim and using it for real proficiency training. It is designed for pilots who aren’t techies but want clear and simple guidance for setting up a simulator that meets their needs. The show special pricing is still available.

Discounts on Flight Simulators:

Personal Sim from XForcePC
If you are interested in purchasing the simulator we gave away in the drawing at AirVenture, you can receive a $75 discount on this system by ordering directly from XForcePC before 8/15/2018. While this is not an FAA-approved simulator (you can’t log hours or approaches with it), it is a perfect tool for building and maintaining proficiency at home. Be sure to use the discount code: PW75 when you check out. The sim we gave away at the show was the PilotWorkshops approved one-display system that lists for $1,995. They have two other PilotWorkshops approved systems with multiple monitors – you can get the $75 discount on any of these systems.

FAA-Certified Sim from Fly-This-Sim
We also demonstrated the “TouchTrainer” simulator, an FAA-approved aviation training device (BATD) from Fly-This-Sim. This sim allows you to log instrument approaches which can be used toward IFR currency without an instructor (with the recent rule change), or log hours towards an Instrument rating with an instructor. The TouchTrainer sim is great for flying clubs, flight schools or individuals who would like the flexibility of logging approaches at home. We have arranged a $500 discount for those who registered for the drawing. Mention PilotWorkshops at purchase to receive the discount.

Free Trial to PilotEdge:

One of the most powerful aspects of the sims we were demonstrating at AirVenture was the real, human ATC interaction provided by PilotEdge. This powerful network provides 100% accurate, two-way ATC interactions with human controllers (not recorded voices). You can learn more by visiting PilotEdge. They offer a free two-week trial for those who would like to give it a try.