15% Sale on Online Training

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For VFR Pilots:

Airmanship Series

These skill-building workshops will make you a better pilot. Covers night flying, emergencies, non-towered airports, and more.

Private Pilot: The Missing Lessons

Features valuable lessons that are often overlooked, glossed over or not fully explained during Private Pilot training.

Real World VFR

Follows a pilot through a series of flying adventures to learn the skills needed to explore new and more challenging flights.

For IFR Pilots:

IFR Proficiency Series

Tips and tactics used to improve instrument skills. Raise your instrument flying to a higher standard with this program.

Real World IFR

Video program follows an instrument pilot through a series of challenging briefings and IFR flights. Includes IFR Refresher Ground School.

IFR: The Missing Lessons

The IFR Missing Lessons program contains the best lessons that are often overlooked, glossed over or forgotten during IFR training.

Advanced IFR

Follows instructor Ryan Koch through a series of IFR flights and teaches pro techniques and procedures that make instrument flying easier (and safer).

For All Pilots:

Getting Started With Simulation

A video training series that walks you through the process of using a sim to sharpen your skills. Learn to make your sim a useful training and proficiency tool.

IFR Weather Briefings

A simplified video guide to weather tools and planning. Teaches the power-briefing skills every IFR pilot should. These briefing skills are useful to VFR-only pilots too.

Mastering the Skew-T Diagram

Start using this powerful planning tool to predict cloud bases, cloud tops, turbulence, icing levels, and convective weather with greater precision and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the 15% discount on more than one product?
Yes, it is valid for any and all of the online training products on this page.

Is the 15% discount valid for any product that’s not listed above?
No, the additional discount is only available for the online courses listed on this page.